Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So I when I started this blog, I had planned to update it more often but life is so busy here and I always want to write down everything which takes such a long time that I never have the energy. Also I usually write really quick updates on facebook so maybe I'll post them here as well. In either case I want to start writing on this blog more often. Hopefully I can look back in the future and remember all the little things that I might have forgotten.

Haha I don't really have anything to write about right now. Mostly I'm just really happy in Korea. Sometimes I get really sad or homesick but thats normal. Culture shock is werid in that in one hour I can be really sad but then something happens that makes me happy again ^^. I'm at school right now and normally I would be teaching my 5th graders but they're having a fire drill so I get a free period. ASSAH!! haha thats korean for WOOT!

Yesterday during my planning period I went to a scouts (kind of like the scouts in the states but run through the school) and made a type of Korean rice crispy treats with the kids. It was some serious fun...seriously haha. I love my kids and in generally I have a really great relationship with most of them. They listen to me and respect me but I also can joke and play around with them. Example: I have one student who everytime we see each other we get into funny face making contest and the first one to make the other laugh wins. Yesterday I played tag with some of them and they helped me write korean text messages to my friend. After that some of the kids took my phone typed in their numbers and saved their names in my phone...haha that also means they got my number but so far no one has abused it ^^.

I usually meet my friends for coffee or dinner during the week. I probably eat out 4 or 5 times and for the rest cook at home. Coffee shops in Korea are EVERYWHERE. Seriously there has to be at least 20 different cafes within a 5 minute walk so. They don't really serve real coffee since Korean make really weak coffee, as in the water is see through with a tinge of brown or its so sweet and filled with so much cream you don't really taste the coffee...but whatever I was never really a coffee drinker so I normally get smoothies of some sort.

Tonight I'm having a movie night with one of my friends and tomorrow I'm going to a baseball game with a bunch of people as well so hopefully it will be fun. Baseball games in Korea are CRAZY... or so I'm told lol. I went to a soccer game last week during Childrens day and it was really fun but not as good as a baseball game...I think. (Childrens day is a really big holiday in Korea dedicated to appreciating all children. The kids and most of the adults don't have school/work and parents take their kids to the park or shopping or to amusement parks and the kids all get presents of some kind, money for the older kids and toys for the younger. All it meant to me was that I got the day off and that I never saw as many kids about in Korea as I did then :))